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Founders, Directors in the United States

Directors of CENA in Honduras

Roger and Linda Blanchard were married in December 1968. They have 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

In 1983 Linda traveled with a group called Lamplighters to Inlet, NY to teach VBS at Inlet Community Church.  Over a period of 8 years, she returned to Inlet, some years with her children, to serve on the mission field.  One year, Roger and Linda spent Christmas with their children in Inlet.  It was a time of learning, teaching and ministering to others.

Roger and Linda attended the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Boone, NY. 

In 1992 Roger took his first international mission trip to Romania.  Later that year, he was appointed Director of Westside Ministries at Westside Baptist Church in Ashburn, GA. This was another step for his and Linda’s international outreach.  In 1993, Roger led teams to Russia and Mexico and he made his first trip to Honduras.  Over the next few years, there were more trips to Russia and Honduras.

However, God began to show Roger and Linda that Honduras was the place He wanted them to focus their attentions.  In a dream, Roger saw a woman walking in a very dry, arid land.  As she came closer in view, he saw that she was pregnant.  She stopped at the only small tree for miles around and lay down and gave birth to her baby.  She then took her shawl, wrapped her baby in it and laid her baby down under the tree and walked away.  Roger awoke in a cold sweat and God spoke to him and said, “Roger that is what you are doing.  You are going all over the world leading people to the Lord then walking off and leaving them.”

 At that time, a vision of training local pastors and leaders began to take form.  God opened the door for land to be purchased and a training building to be built.  A ministry in Honduras was formed and it was named CENA which is an acronym for Centro de Entrenamiento para las Nacions.

Roger and Linda lead and host teams from the States each year.  They are committed to having as many people as possible go to Honduras and minister to the people of Honduras through medical/dental brigades, eye brigades, and give out food and clothes.  They want to serve the people in each team, in order that they can serve the people of Honduras.  

The ministry provides the funds, the campus and transportation to make it possible for many pastors and leaders to come to CENA and get an accredited degree.  The dream of training pastors and leaders is the central focus of Westside Ministries.  

Roger and Linda believe that they were born for such a time as this.  God has led them down a path that brought them into line with His vision and His will for their lives. 

They live in Sycamore, GA with their son Scott and their rooster Job.  

It was a Sunday service at Communion Baptist Church in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in October 1993 and I was attending church with my parents and siblings. When the service finished I saw two North American men greeting the people. One I knew was Sandy Cheeves, but the other one I did not know. No one spoke English and I was too shy to go and say hello in English. So my father Angel Reaños told me that I had to go and be kind and practice my English. 


I greeted this American man and he said “Hola” in Spanish and I said “Hello” in English. He was so happy someone there could speak English. He introduced himself to me; his name was Roger Blanchard. He told me he was going to need an interpreter because he was coming back to Honduras soon. I said I would like to help him with his missionary team as an interpreter.


Time passed, and I thought he was never going to come back, but suddenly I received a phone call and Mr. Roger said that he was in Tegucigalpa and he needed my help to go and translate for him at a church called Padre Nuestro. Their pastors were Mery and Bertulio Zuniga. 


It was a small team of men that came to do a crusade and to evangelize home by home in the area where the church was located.  It is a very poor area of the city.


After that, I continued to help as a translator and coordinator for Westside Ministries in Honduras. We had several evangelistic crusades in the city of Tegucigalpa and it was a blessing for the people to receive healing, ministering and the Word of God through these North American people who decided to come and do missions in Honduras. 


Later, Mr. Roger, Mrs. Linda and I saw the physical and material need of the people, so they decided they were going to introduce medical and dental brigades. We took these medical brigades to the departments of Francisco Morazán, Comayagua, Choluteca, Intibucá and El Paraíso. During these medical brigades the ministry built several churches working together with Padre Nuestro Church. 


In 1996 I met a Christian young man named Abraham Lozano, son of John and Amalia Lozano; he was 21 years old, and a musician and leader in his church. He has four siblings.


We started dating, so Abraham began to get involved in the ministry, and he came to know the ministry and Mr. Roger and Mrs. Linda deeply. Two years later, he proposed and we got married on March 14th, 1998. Mr. Roger married us and also they were our wedding Godparents. They were very special to us and loved us as parents.


We continued working very hard in the ministry in any area that was in need. Later, in 2002, God gave us our first child, a sweet baby girl named Nataly, while we were doing ministry in a Baptist Hispanic church in Shreveport, Louisiana. During this time in the USA we spent ten months as youth leaders.


In 2004, we established the ministry in Honduras legally recognized by the Honduran government and laws with the name Centro de Entrenamiento para las Naciones -CENA (Training Center for all Nations). 


My parents had a property in Lizapa, El Zamorano, which they used for farming. One day, Mr. Roger went to visit the property and asked my dad, Angel Reaños, if he could give a little piece of property to build a church. My father said yes, but God had other plans; He wanted the ministry in Honduras to be established in that place. 


We started building a training center, a team house and a dinning hall and kitchen with the financial and spiritual support of Westside Ministries.


In 2006, God gave us our second child, a son named Angel Abraham who has a very noble heart for the Lord.


We continued working for the Lord with passion and diligence. Later, God put on Mr. Roger and Mrs. Linda’s heart to start training pastors in order equip them to be able to make disciples in their churches, by preaching the Word of God accurately. These trainings began in 2007 and become our priority. 


In 2009 a door opened for our ministry when Pastor Mike Hobbs, a Bishop of CLST-GLOBAL, came to Honduras to introduce to us this school of theology. Mr. Roger contacted them and a partnership began and now our pastors have the opportunity to study and receive a diploma, a Bachelor of Theology from CLST-GLOBAL.


In 2013, we saw the need to have more of their materials translated into Spanish. We made an agreement to translate the syllabus, textbooks and record on video the classes in Spanish which would be available to use for CLST-GLOBAL.


We have had 4 graduations in which we have graduated 22 pastors with their Bachelor of Theology.


In 2014, my mother Lidia Reaños passed away; she suffered from cancer and God decided to take her home. In 2016, my father passed away to be with the Lord. Both of them were involved with CENA and supported the work here in Honduras.  


As a family, we are still working together, serving the Lord. Nataly helps on the praise team, playing the guitar and singing when we have teams from the States. Little Abraham plays the drums and has an evangelistic heart. Abraham teaches, and is the executive director of CENA and I am the person in charge of administrating the ministry. There are so many more things we can do in this beautiful ministry.


God has been faithful and He has supported us in every aspect of our lives. Our relationship with the Blanchard family is very special and close, especially with Mr. Roger and Mrs. Linda; this relationship has been developed in trust and love. They are our confidants, friends, leaders, pastors and spiritual parents. 


We are sure we are in the right place serving the Lord. 


God is good!

In 1993, Westside Ministries began with a vision to reach the world for Christ by networking with other churches and ministries of like heart, mind and spirit. Our purpose is to encourage and facilitate relationships with churches and ministries of like faith, philosophy and direction. By providing opportunities for service on the mission field , and resource sharing or training, we are bringing the lost to Christ and discipling Christians around the world.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Acts 1:8

We believe in God manifested in Three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We believe the Bible is the holy inspired word of God without any mixture of error. 

We believe that People are the supreme object of God's creation. Because of sin, all are separated from God and in need of salvation.

Our Mission Statement


Westside Ministries was founded by Roger and Linda Blanchard in 1993. Westside Ministries exists to train up disciples  to share the good news of Jesus Christ in the United States,  Honduras, and around the world.



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